I have always treasured love, and I still think it’s the most divine feeling on earth.

There are things only can fix, broken souls that can be brought back to life just by more profound love and affection.

It’s no wonder that there are so many songs and poems about love. The main reason for that is that people yearn for love or can not find the love which will give them comfort or peace – they feel lonely and sad, and they seek solace in music and lyrics which provide promises of better times. Promises that love will come their way and make them finally feel whole.

This isn’t a story of such a love. This is a story about anything but magical love. This love is suffocating, abusive and violent. This is a story about a man who loved his partner so much that he squeezed out of her all the love she once had for him by being jealous and irradic.

There are many words to be read about jealous people, a lot of experiences to reveal and thoughts to be shared. Jealousy isn’t always threatening, but when an insecure person gets overwhelmed with this feeling, it can turn to a horrible end.

This is not a story with such a terrible ending, but it could have been.

A woman we shall call Jenny finally found a person who she thought she could rely on. The man was honest, passionate, intelligent and handsome. So it seemed. They had a great time together, shared thoughts and even had similar views on most of the essential things.

They started living together. It didn’t take long for her to notice some of his unusual gestures.

He became possessive, occupying all of her free time with stuff to do together. He was upset if she had contacts with her old boyfriends which was hard for her because her ex-boyfriend was her best friend for years…

One night, while she was asleep, he took her mobile phone and went through it. She heard him, but kept silent, afraid of the argument which would probably take place. He sat on the bed and entered her password. She was shocked but still calm. She had nothing to hide, but she was worried: “How does he know my password?”

She started to pay attention to him. She noticed he erased her e-mails if he didn’t like the content, he opened her mail, called her at work just to check if she was there. Pretending he just called to hear her voice…

She knew she must confront him, so she did. It went better than she expected: he apologized, said that he is jealous because he loves her and wants kids with her.

It all came back to normal; he stopped being possessive,  until one day she found out that he has paid someone to hack her phone in the way that he could always see her movements and where she went.

This was the last straw for her, so she decided to break up with him. It was a terrible experience full of yelling and finally ended with him threatening her with her life. She left him without remorse and took all her clothes and stuff he never returned.

He began coming to her workplace, calling her in the middle of the night and waiting for her after working hours.

She realized that he was dangerous, so she quit her job and returned to her parent’s house. Luckily, she never took him there, and he never met her parents, so she was saved.

But it took a long time for her not to look over her shoulder and worry about whether he will find her. And all because of love, he claimed.

He thought love permits him to control her and her life, the permission to change her and make her his puppet on a string.

This cannot be magical love, and there is nothing lovely or magical in being scared for your life.

Magical love makes you more human; it doesn’t make you a beast this man was.

Never let yourself to be suffocated by someone who loves you but tears you apart. You have to love yourself first and then let somebody else love you too….

Otherwise, love will become an enormous burden for you, and there will come a day when it will be hard for you to even get up from your bed and start your day…

Because you will not have the strength to carry on while someone else controls the way you breathe life…

Magical-love believer. Always dedicated to kindness and sharing smiles....
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