Traveling solo can be way out of our comfort zones. There are so many questions related to this theme of traveling alone. Can you go and party at night? Isn’t it strange to dine in a restaurant alone? These questions scare people away and make them question their ability to try to travel alone, and many of them never experience their first solo trip.

Why should you try to travel alone?

Traveling alone makes you enjoy your independence, there isn’t anyone you need to worry about, you don’t need to compromise to make your companion satisfied, you can fully enjoy all your interests. You can experience every aspect of the place you are in. If you always wanted to go surfing, scuba diving or something else, now is the time to do it while your traveling alone.

Also, while traveling alone, you’ll enjoy more in the actual destination and focus more on where you at not who you’re with. You’ll remember everything better because you’ll engage better with your surroundings.

While traveling solo, you’ll also meet more people from those destinations because you’ll seem more approachable to them and interact with people more.

One of the cons of traveling alone is also a possibility of changing your plans whenever you want to.

Traveling alone will also teach you few things about yourself, what you enjoy and what you care about. It gives you a chance of finding yourself!


Connect with the local people

Try to look for room rentals in an apartment or try a homestay – that way you’ll quickly connect with the local people and their lifestyle which will make you feel more like at home. Solo travelers have a bunch of options to choose from.

Hostels are made for solo travelers, but in them, you’ll spend more time with tourists than with locals and won’t be able to experience their lifestyle.

Sometimes just say no

In some countries as a tourist, you may get a bit intense attention that you don’t want. Learn how to say “no, thank you,” “absolutely not” in the local language and also the nonverbal gesture for “no” that can often be more effective than the verbal ones.

Make sure you have the local help numbers, for example, tourist police. You most likely won’t need them but having their number will give you much more confidence to deal with some awkward situations.

Take a lot of photos

While traveling alone you’ll notice so much more about the destination, so take pictures of some interesting details or architecture that will make you remember your trip but also to share a story with your friends and family back home. Also, if you want something more personal, don’t be afraid to ask someone to take a picture of you!

Taste the culture

Many tourists are tempted to eat at places they know such as famous fast-food restaurants, but eating local food is always a better option! There is no shame at eating alone, even in fancy restaurants, no one will even pay attention to your table for two.

Start your day early

You can always wake up a bit earlier when your hotel buffet is still full of delicious food and go out to some museums, parks or other places you wanted to visit.

Use technology

If you ever feel lonely, you can find wi-fi almost everywhere and connect with family and friends at home. They’ll be thrilled to hear what you’ve done on your little adventure! Also, your smartphone can be the best source to get to know the city you’re in and connect to local people with the same interests as you!

Safety first

Traveling solo can be safe, but you have to keep some safety concerns in mind. Watch your drinks, keep your eyes on your valuable possessions, be careful at night, etc. Do your research. Check how far are the destinations before you call a taxi. Estimate the price and ask the driver how much it would cost, and if it’s too far of, get another cab. If someone sketchy asks you something, lie a bit, tell them you’re just going to meet a friend!

Pages for Solo Travelers

AllSinglesTravel.com offers cruises and tours for solo travelers. They have active trips, and lot’s of categories you’ll maybe find interesting.

SafeCheckIn.com makes sure if you’re safe. You enter specific information about when you’ll return from your trip, and if you don’t check your site, it will try to contact you. If they can’t reach you they will call your emergency contacts and if necessary, local authorities. 

SoloTravelerBlog.com offers guides, tips and much more for solo travelers, as well as a free e-book called Travel Alone and Love it!

Women-Traveling.com is for female travelers who prefer to be with a group of women with the same interests. They offer tours and other activities and also match you a roommate!

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