Spring is approaching (faster than you think) and soon the huge annual cleaning will arrive too.

Are you a victim of this trend? Well, it’s an entirely reasonable trend since spring feels like a new start and therefore we want to make our start clean and fresh.

Organizing is one of the things that we pay attention to during these days, but really, do we pay attention to it enough in our day-to-day lives?

Organizing your drawers and your closet may be great, but what was the last time you organized your brain? Do you feel overwhelmed by everything currently going on in life? Well, you may not be planning your days good enough.

I am about to share my 7 best tips for organizing and these are the ones I used myself to make my life easier.

  1. Write it down.

Do you know how many thoughts and ideas occur in your brain every day? Have you got any idea how creative you are?

It may seem as if we can’t remember anything, but it’s often like that because we forget about those important things that we (ironically) keep repeating to ourselves. In the end, you rarely remember to do anything besides the most important tasks you had in mind.

A person who writes something down is not only looking at better chances to do the actual thing but will also remember it much better.

You are probably familiar with the fact that people remember things best when they write them down.

Get a piece of paper each month and put it somewhere accessible with a pen.

You simply write things down as they come to your mind. A phone can also be pretty useful! We hold them numerous times during the day – there is no excuse for skipping this step and not writing your thoughts down.

  1. Prioritize and plan ahead.

Obviously, if you want to have more time (and get more things done), you need to plan ahead. Everything you need to do is literally write your plans down (mobile apps such as a diary will work) and then think about the time you will need to do it.

Do you have to spend less time sleeping/eating/resting in order to manage to squeeze this task in? Do you need to put it above something else as a priority?

Prioritize things. It may also be obvious, but we often forget this one and people are usually getting short and easy things done although they are not that important.

Leaving out the important stuff may be easy, but it is not smart. Always remember that.

It isn’t right for you to plan too much ahead or to never be spontaneous, but if you are heavily burdened by your obligations and “must do” things you have to do shortly – organize yourself and make your life a little bit easier.

  1. Do it today.

You have something to do that’s due until Friday, and it’s only Tuesday today? Great, you can leave it for Thursday night!

Well, not so great… What if something pops up? What if you get sick? What if you’ll want to go out or watch your favorite movie? What if you’ll be tired? What if it’ll be moved for Thursday and your Thursday is already loaded?!

Don’t leave things for tomorrow if you can get them done today. Believe me. You will be thankful to yourself.

Both your mind and your body will eventually get tired of running, keeping up and lacking sleep – don’t do that to yourself!

  1. Don’t reject help.

There are a lot of people in your shoes: they hurry, they worry, they are behind schedule.

Don’t reject your friend’s offer to help you with your tests because you think you will manage.

Don’t say your mum that you can do everything yourself: when you’re in a rush let her walk your dog and do your chores… She is your mum, and she understands. She knows you aren’t lazy but busy.

If your good friend sees you are in trouble let him help you and carry some of your burden (even if it’s just carrying your clothes to the dry-cleaners)… You will do the same for him or her one day.

  1. Get enough sleep no matter what.

Sleeping eight hours a day isn’t being lazy. If your up for sixteen hours doing thousands of choirs, your body needs time to relax and heal itself.

Those precious hours of sleep mean so much for your health and your mind, so organizing and handling your daily chores won’t be such a problem.

Brain regenerates while you are sleeping and you will be surprised one morning when you will get an excellent idea for breakfast already! The rest gives your mind a boost!

  1. Make a routine.

If you are really willing to change your busy life into an organized routine, you have to develop some “good” habits that will help you succeed.

Some of those habits include being tidy, keeping up with chores, make time for friends and fun.

Having fun is also a very healthy habit.

  1. Believe in your success.

You have to believe you can succeed in organizing yourself and be ambitious about the things you are doing.

Your motivation should come from the inside, not from the outside, since the one on the inside does not fade.

If you believe that you’ll do it, you’re already halfway there.

A lot of people don’t actually believe in themselves and then fail to succeed although they organize everything.

Have you already tried some of these tips? Let us know if you need any more advice; you can always contact us on our social media (Instagram perhaps).

Good luck with getting your life in control. If you lack motivation, always remember this quote: “I thought I wanted it hard and couldn’t do it good enough, but it turns out I could do it, but didn’t want it as hard as I thought I did.”

Magical-love believer. Always dedicated to kindness and sharing smiles....
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