You may not agree with me on this, but money is not the answer to all of the problems in your life. Even if you think it is, it’s not.

For a very long time I thought it was a solution to all of my worries and everything I did involved money and material things… but now I am 100% sure I was very wrong. Maybe I grew to be wiser or I was just taught by the experience.

Of course, you have to have a steady income: you cannot eat air and someone has got to pay the bills, but there is a line you need to set when it comes to a feeling which creeps up upon you when you’re not even looking: I am talking about greed. It is a modern disease that catches us unready.

You decided to save money for months in order to buy an expensively branded purse and now that you got it, you need two more of them?

You bought your first car with the help of your parents and it became too small for you just a few months after?!

You have stopped hanging out with your girls because they don’t have the money to go to fancy restaurants with you?


You have to be aware of yourself and it is critical to be familiar enough with yourself to notice when you are going off track. You may create a few bad habits each month and suddenly your life will be very dull and plain.

You will not be happy with regular things anymore. Small things that used to make you smile will now seem pathetic. You need to be aware when you’ve changed.

Your life is a journey – it means that you have the opportunity to explore everything life offers and this doesn’t include material stuff only. This includes several things:


People often forget that their behavior has consequences which affect not only them, but other people too.

If you turn into a beast while working with your colleagues and don’t think twice about stealing someone else’s idea to get a bonus – you aren’t human anymore. People are meant to take care of one another.

If you don’t care about your partner’s day at work and you only think about how you will suck up to your boss tomorrow, you’ve let GREED take over your body.

Being a human isn’t something that you are doing by default, it isn’t something given to you at birth. It is something you have to achieve with actions. Not an action, many of them. And no, they don’t have to be huge, they don’t have to require lots of money. They have to come from the heart.


Believe me, no amount of money can replace the loss of a good, good friend.

Money won’t talk with you and give you comfort when you are down; there aren’t any high heel shoes that can compare to a warm hug. It is easy to take things for granted since we live in some types of love and affection that we don’t even notice.

You have to stick close to your friends and your family because they will keep you down on the ground, in the real world. They will help you when you will feel lost and when you’ll want to quit.

If someone is feeling worried about you and if someone very close to you is sad, maybe you should consider the fact that you’re making them miserable. Have you ever been told “You’ve changed” in a negative connotation? Have you thrown the very thought away immediately? If you did, you should think about it more often.


This is a common excuse money lovers make when someone close to them says that they started to act arrogant and think only about wealth. Not all people want to hurt your ego when they give you advice.


And by this I don’t mean shopping or finding a wealthy spouse: I am talking about helping people in trouble, going outside to explore beautiful nature or seek some divine art.

Wealthy people may have a lot of things, but they worry just like you. They are sometimes scared just like you but they, sure enough, don’t sleep as calmly as you.

Because when you dream, it will be about all those lovely things you have seen or did yesterday and they will dream about how everybody is trying to steal their money and how the world turned against them.

Greedy people seem to worry much more than us, if I may say. It all comes down to money for them. For us, it comes down to love. Money does not equal love. Money does not equal happiness. Money does not equal family.

And yes, the media makes it seem like rich people have beautiful things, big and happy families, they find love easily and have a lot of friends. But, is it really about the money? It is about the person.

It all depends on the person. However, if the person changes due to money, they will soon loose things they “achieved” with it, for people like people that are nice. People with much money are oftenly emotionally distanced.

So sleep tight, don’t live your life in a way that will lead to nightmares. Don’t turn your life into something that’ll make you question your actions. If you have to question your actions, they are probably not nice.

However, never be ashamed of trying to improve. If you are trying to improve, it means that you are noticing that you are maybe on the wrong path.

Remember, true happiness comes along when you see beautiful things with your eyes closed.

Magical-love believer. Always dedicated to kindness and sharing smiles....
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