True love isn’t easy to find, and it can not be located at every corner, but it is often closer than we think.

True love is wise and doesn’t want to be discovered quickly, because it knows that people would start to take it for granted and make it plain and ordinary as they did with a lot of other things. Humans are especially good at destroying things.

Every person who consider emotions vital to life (that would be most of us, I guess) are experiencing the same two fears that emerge in one period of our lives and disappear without a trace after some time: the fear we won’t be loved and the doubt that we won’t be able to love others.

This is the truth of all truths.

It’s not wrong that we want to love and someone to love us. Man is born from love, from the decision of two people to create a new life and the descendants with whom they will share the love.

All people have a strong desire to be tied to a particular person to share their life with.

It’s not easy to find love. Especially not the pure, primordial, burning and returning  love that can rise like a phoenix, a hundred times over.

Maybe we sometimes want too much, and we are searching it with too much energy.

Perhaps it is sometimes enough to stop looking for love and love will find you first.

You may have lost yourself in your quest for true love: your dreams and goals have been shifted several times, and you are no longer following your dreams.

Perhaps the real love is in you, and through it, you will create something different from that emotional connection.

True love is perhaps what you now have, but you do not recognize it. Maybe your partner might be dying for you right now, and you do not realize it and you are blind to it.

Perhaps you are no longer the material for true love, because of the bitterness that pervades in your everyday life and which shouts to others: I do not need anybody …

Nevertheless, don’t forget! Never, but never lose yourself while looking for your true love.

How to find the right love, you wonder? Will your inner compass turn you to the right path or will you stay in the dark for a long time?

Don’t worry about it, because there is enough love in you to conquer the universe.

Magical-love believer. Always dedicated to kindness and sharing smiles....
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