Vitamin D is essential for our body, and the Sun is the best source of it.

People who live in colder areas of the Earth don’t get proper exposure to it to get all that vitamin D and other health benefits from the Sun.

Because a bronzed body is very desired amongst people, they seek their tan by getting rays from other sources. Not all tanning methods are safe so we should be careful with them. They can increase the risk of skin cancer.

It’s better to choose hot summers and get are tan by using sun rays. It boosts levels of serotonin in our skin that produces vitamin D for our skin, bone system and skin.

Learn about skin tanning at home

You can avoid wrinkles and a chance for skin cancer by using some home remedies rather than go to a cosmetic procedure.

Remedies you can make at home:

We bring you some best self-tanning tips and treatments that will help you get a fast tan very quickly. If you follow them regularly, you can get nicely tanned skin without much effort and consequences.

Natural ways

Some natural ingredients can help you tan your skin. Here are some of the remedies.

Unscented White Lotion and Cocoa Powder

Cocoa powder or coconut oil and white lotion will help you to activate the melanin. This mixture is an effective self-tanner.

You have to exfoliate your skin and dry it.

Then take 1/2 cup of white lotion (unscented) and mix 1/3 cup of pure cocoa powder in it to make a paste. Mix until there are no clumps left. Spread the cream evenly on the body. You can also store the paste that’s left in a container. Repeat daily to get the best results.

Instead of cocoa powder, you can use coffee or brewed tea.

Natural Oils

Natural oils are best at attracting the sun rays for a healthy tan. All you need to do is to apply the oils before going into the sun. After being in the sun, wash your body with water and soap.

Some of the best oils are olive oil, coconut oil, hazelnut oil, avocado oil, wheat-germ oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil, green tea oil…

Coffee and Olive Oil

Olive oil attracts the sun rays and nourishes the skin. Caffeine content helps to firm skin and make it seem like a perfect tan color.

Pour two spoons of olive oil (or almond oil) in a cup of coffee grounds. Mix to make a paste. Apply it on the skin. Leave it for about 20 mins and remove it. Repeat the process until you get a perfect tan.

Brown sugar and Carrots

A mix of water, brown sugar and carrot makes a homemade tanning oil.

Clean and cut 1 pound of unpeeled fresh carrots into thin slices. Boil 3 quarts of water and put carrot slices and 2 cups of brown sugar in the water. Simmer it for approximately 3 hours. Then let it cool for a few minutes. Strain the oil and put it in empty spray bottles. You have to apply the tanning oil once a week.

Tea and chocolate

Chocolate can help you tan the skin because it observes the sun rays into the skin. When you combine it with tea, it helps with your tan.

Put 3 or 4 tea bags in 3/4 of boiling water and let it be that way a bit. Add 1/3 cup of cocoa powder and 1/2 cup of sesame oil (or coconut oil) and cocoa butter and 1/2 of the steeped black tea into a blender. Blend all of it and put the remaining 1/2 of tea mixture in it. Apply on the skin several times.

You can mix chocolate with and brown shade of mineral makeup and spread it over the skin. Go into the sun and enjoy!


Lemon helps to absorb sun rays and exhibits photosensitivity.

You can take 1 or two lemons and squeeze its juice. Apply the juice all over your body and enjoy the sun.

Hydration of the skin

Well-hydrated skin tans better and faster than the skin that dries out. Before tanning your skin, you have to hydrate it first with these steps.

You have to exfoliate the skin by scrubbing it to remove dry and dead skin. Then dry your skin and moisturize it with a lotion that contains sodium PCA. After a few minutes, you have to apply sunscreen with SPF of 8-10.

You can also apply a lip balm about 20 minutes before going into the sun.

Moisturize after tanning

This is an important step you have to follow after tanning your skin to moisturize and soothe the irritated skin. It helps not only to moisturize the skin but also keep it healthy without being dry or flaky skin that occurs after sun exposure.

So, apply aloe vera based skin cream at night before bedtime so that your skin will become silky and ready for sunbath in the morning but make sure to concentrate more on the problematic areas to get quick relief from uneven skin tones. Also, drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated during tanning.

Don’t bathe before it

Avoid taking baths before tanning because the natural oils (that your body produces) helps to tan, and by bathing, you clear the skin from oils, and you’ll maybe irritate the skin in the tanning process.


All your body parts have to be exposed to get a perfect tan! When you’re laying on your back, you have to keep your arms up to expose the inner part of the arms and when your laying on your stomach you’ll expose the outer part.

Every 15-30 minutes try to flip your body.

Remember to apply the tanning lotion or oil every 2 hours.

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