May 27, 2018

   It seems I’m not the only one to turn to junk food when I’m feeling a little down. Thousands of people try to heal their sadness and pain through overeating and consumption of unhealthy food.

Although it won’t hurt you once or twice, by making sugar and fat your everyday routine, your “comfort food,” you will put your health at risk and end up feeling worse than ever. It will leave an impact on your body, and you will hurt.

Sometimes we eat things we know aren’t right for us, but at that moment it feels like the only solution to ease our pain, anger or sadness.

Unfortunately, for some people it becomes a regular way to go through life: to be less depressed, to feel happy for just one moment, people are willing to eat tons of chocolate or ice cream, drink caffeine and alcohol in unreasonable measure and then, when they get fatter or sick, they feel much worse.


Well, try to eat well all the time, and your body will fight depression all the time!

If you stick to a healthy diet and exercise regularly, you will feel better most of the time, and you won’t quickly fall into depression.

You must eat regular meals at regular intervals, and it is essential that you pick the right food to eat too.

Avoid Refined Sugar

This is a great way to help your mood. Sugar makes you feel energized and dandy, but a few hours later you will crash like never. It’s proven, and insulin works that way.

You must stick with food which does not influence increasing and decreasing your blood sugar level. This is food that is low in GI and helps your body prevent immune diseases too.

If you want to have a high energy level and keep up your daily routine without consuming sugar eat more lean protein, whole grains, fruit (excellent candy replacement) and vegetables.

Avoid All Kinds Of Alcohol

This doesn’t mean not to enjoy a good glass of wine after dinner or to be a party breaker: it says that you mustn’t let alcohol to become a way for you to  “self-medicate.”

Alcohol does bring relief for a certain short period of time, but eventually, it gets worse.

It will bring you anxiety; you will have rapid mood swings and not to mention that you will disturb your sleeping cycle.

This will bring your efficiency down, make your workplace suffer and you will even become a burden to all the people who surround you.

Good Carbs Can Help

Eating carbohydrates cause your brain to release serotonin. Eat the kind of carbs that are good for your body and use them as a solution for sugary snacks replacement.

Fruits, veggies and fiber food will make a huge difference for your body but your mental health too. People misunderstand carbs with junk food. Junk food can contain carbs, but it is actually a combination of carbs and fats. That’s a bad combo.

Omega-3s do wonders with brain function so try to eat more fish, nuts and green leafy veggies.

People with lower levels of vitamin D tend to experience depression more frequently so eating foods containing vitamin D can be a mood-saver.

However, vitamin D can be absorbed way better through sun so you can forget about forcing yourself to eat foods you don’t like.

It means that you have to eat more fish and milk or other low-fat dairy products and you will take in enough vitamin D for your body to be satisfied. However, dairy is something many people avoid for a reason. It causes inflammation and hormonal imbalance.

These advices are not efficient for a severely depressed condition – that is something a doctor can help with.

You cannot cure a depression (a mental condition) with food, but you can significantly help it.

But when it comes to mood swings caused by weather changes, PMS or work overload, proper diet and the right food can do miracles!

Also, eating right will help your skin, your body and your mind to feel better and look better. If you are trying to lose weight too, it will be even easier for you.

Magical-love believer. Always dedicated to kindness and sharing smiles....
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