People worry about the way they look way too much.

No matter how they look, how intelligent they are and what social status they acknowledge, they will always find something about themselves they don’t like, or they are trying to fix.

What they don’t realize is that insecurities about those so-called „flaws” make people think that they are ashamed of themselves and their bodies, and people then tend to mock them, ignore them or just plain tell them they bore them because they are talking about it so much.

It seems like they are always seeking comfort and insurance that their „flaw” isn’t as big or severe as they think. Which, AGAIN, makes them look insecure and vulnerable.

These are the most common flaws which make women go nuts about:

  1. Freckles

Women with freckles often try to cover them with make-up even though they don’t dislike them.

They just see there aren’t any girls or women with freckles all over media so they think they don’t fit into the social norms.

But what they don’t see is that freckles on the cheeks are the thing that will pull them out amongst thousands of women who look similar and who try to look alike. Why do the same? Your freckles are not scary, and they don’t look like scars – they are beautiful, and they make you look „special” in a good way.

  1. Hair colour and shape

This is something I could write about all day long… Women with curly hair want to have straight hair and vice versa. Blondes want to have black hair; the brown-haired women want to be „red as fire.”

Women with short hair wish that they had long hair and ones with long thick hair say that they would give anything if their hair could just be thinner so that they could cut it off and make it short?!

Isn’t it so weird that we don’t like ourselves the way we are? We always have to find something to worry about although the simplest thing in the whole world would be just to embrace our waves, curls and all other God-given characteristics and wear them proud. We would look astonishing just because of the notion our hair is excellent just the way it is!

  1. Cellulite

Oh, that dreadful cellulite! Does it make you the person who you are? You aren’t a great friend, a loving parent or a capable worker if you have cellulite?

You can drink more water to prevent it, you can exercise to make it smaller, and it’s good for you to put on body lotions on your skin – but this is good for your whole body, cellulite or no cellulite.

Try to minimize it, but don’t make it rule your life.

You can wear a bikini on the beach without worries – you came to the beach for yourself and to rest, you didn’t come for others. Just ignore them!

  1. Moles

The only thing that should worry you about your moles is whether they are safe or not. Monitor them, and not worry about how many of them do you have if you have any on your face and similar…

Moles are there because they are. You cannot change it, it is dangerous to remove them or treat them for removal, so why bother? They are a part of your body, get used to them and don’t expose them to the sun too much.

  1. Hands

You can often see ladies looking at their hands, fingers, and rings. Beautiful hands are lovely to see and keeping the skin on them tender and soft is an essential agenda for us. You have to keep the skin soft because hands age fast due to the things women do (cleaning, washing, etc.).

But you cannot change their shape! Why do you think you cannot wear rings if you have short and chubby fingers? Well, you don’t wear rings for other people, but yourself. And your nails don’t have to be artificial and long – they can be healthy, natural, neat. They will look beautiful just the way they are.

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