Want to change your life? Are you sure?

I am asking this because many people talk about changes but when it comes to taking a step forward and do it, they change their mind and run like hell.

A lot of things happen to us through life, but change is one of the most often characteristic although we try to ignore it.

People became very skilled in deflecting changes in their lives just because it takes the effort to do it and because PEOPLE ARE AFRAID TO TRY SOMETHING NEW BECAUSE THEY ARE SCARED OF FAILING.

At one point in life, change will be unavoidable because it’s just the way life goes. If you see the difference going your way don’t be scared of it, embrace it.

If it is a good change, you will be pleased that you have accepted her.

If it will end up not as good as you wanted, it will be a valuable experience and will help you cope better with the new changes that will follow. And don’t think that they won’t come…

Do I want to make the change or not?

Maybe for you it’s better to make the change at the very moment it shows, or perhaps you are the type to think it over a few times – but in most cases, you have to go along with it.

We all have the power to make changes, but unfortunately, it seems like we always avoid the right moves.

Continuing a bad relationship? Choose NOT.

Going on a holiday after many years of hard work?

Choose YES.

Losing weight and start training OR staying by your unhealthy habits?

We all know the answer to the last one.

Acting on your power of choice gives you better chances than to let someone else makes you change.

Stay behind the wheel of your life and let others follow you.

Don’t let your family, your boss or any other significant person in your life, tell you where to drive and how fast to do it!

It will be easier for you to embrace changes if you:


You have to have a purpose, a goal in life. Think about what makes you happy. Think hard what you want to achieve…and CHANGE.


Everybody you know will tell you not to daydream, but it is the best way to understand what makes you happy and fulfilled.


When you learn what is the s most significant change you have to do to become happier, set a goal or a time frame to do it.

Otherwise, you will let go and never do it.


Life is too short to have regrets. Yes, we make mistakes. But are they mistakes or they have taught as to be wiser? CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE TO NO REGRETTING.


Although it sounds silly, this is a great way to become bolder which will help you make the change.

Jumping with a parachute? If I can do that, I can surely do this stupid change 🙂

Telling my co-worker, I have a crush on her? If I can do that, I can do anything 🙂

And so on…


Don’t be scared of changes because you will miss some beautiful moments in life.

Don’t be afraid of learning new things: it will make you bee more powerful.


Don’t be unsatisfied with yourself – embrace yourself just the way you are, with your flaws and your right sides.

Life is much easier when you learn to love yourself.

Magical-love believer. Always dedicated to kindness and sharing smiles....

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