Jul 4, 2018

When you write “Brave Women” on your keyboard or a piece of paper maybe you immediately think of women pilots, soldiers, nurses or other brave professions where it is not enough just to do your job correctly, but you have to do it with a lot more enthusiasm and care than most jobs require.

Those are the first women who pop up in my mind when I say “brave women.”

But the very next day  I concluded with a big smile on my face: ALL WOMEN ARE BRAVE!

I have remembered how women do their everyday tasks with such commitment and care and who could say they aren’t brave.

I saw a young woman holding her sleeping baby while she puts her in the car to take her to daycare. Imagine, every morning this mum bravely gets up early, dress her baby with such calm, loving arms so baby won’t be stressed and can continue its peaceful sleep.

I saw a brave teenage girl, wearing makeup so much more different than her school colleagues, with a dozen piercings all over her face and a hairstyle that screams of bravery.

I saw an old woman moving slowly, one step at the time, trying to keep her balance at rush hour, holding groceries in one hand and a small handbag in other. It was brave enough just to endure the looks she received by younger people who thought of her just as an obstacle in their way.

Maybe some women climb the highest mountains, but there are also women who push rocks in front of them while climbing.

There are brave, lonely women – sometimes getting up in the morning is the most challenging thing in the world.

There are brave forgotten women, women of such gentle souls that their own families and friends often forget they existed – they bravely move in with their lives although they are sometimes “invisible.”

There are brave oppressed women – they suffer at work or at home, sometimes both physically and emotionally but when they are alone they find shelter in themselves, bravely embracing or breaking these chains.

Women are everything nice you can imagine – wives, mothers, sisters, caretakers, teachers, shelters, advisors, friends, lovers, partners…..please continue with more 😊

You can be whatever you want, and no one can judge you for it.

You know you are brave and unique, don’t let anyone tell you different.

Being brave doesn’t mean that you must be a world known lady, just – LADY.

If it sometimes means that you have to become the black sheep of the family, or completely change everything familiar for something unknown – don’t be afraid. Brave women look after each other, and one of them will find you and give you a hand when you least expect it.


Magical-love believer. Always dedicated to kindness and sharing smiles....
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