Jan 5, 2018

First, we would like to wish you a very warm welcome to our page, a place where love settles in and finds its manifestations. We focus on all types of love all around the world, given and received by people that admire it, or at least those who wish to learn how to.


The greatest feeling of them all. Proven by scientists, it is one of the most powerful ones too because it settles in each and every part of your body creating  warmth. It becomes a part of you that cannot be removed, although we often think that we have lost it at one point of our lives.

It is a feeling that cannot be replaced by any other. It is something that makes a huge impact on us even if we deny it.

Since we were children, we relied on love, for love is the one thing that makes us feel secure when we are afraid. When we cried, we were sung to. When we were feeling down, we received hugs. It was a transfer of positive energy, a transfer of love, from another person to us in order to make us happy.

Doesn’t that seem magical? It’s like a type of healing, for both the body and the mind. It heals broken souls, lost dreams, and open wounds. It erases tears and draws smiles.

And the best thing is, it is free.

It takes only effort and affection to give someone love. Dedication? Yes, commitment too, because some people deny love at first because they are afraid. Don’t worry, love always wins.

You need no fancy gifts, don’t need no money. Gather up some positive energy, some great wishes, a bit of time and pack them up together to make the best gift you can give someone: a handful of love.


Why is love magical?

Have you ever thought how love works?

What’s the process of healing that love initiates?
There have been a lot of researches about love, and the impact love has on each and every one of us. But, isn’t it merely miraculous that an emotion, something that we cannot feel with our hands and cannot see with our eyes, can heal us from the inside?

It can change up the chemical composition of our brain and affect our bodies in various ways: increase serotonin, a hormone related to happiness, make our bodies warm, raise our pulses and even blood pressures.

It truly heals, both physically and mentally.

Many people believe that love is an exchange of positive energy which affects our chakras (energy centers) and is being stored. Since energy cannot be lost (as physics claims), we eventually give it away.

„We exchange the gift of happiness throughout love.“

We heal with words and actions.

Isn’t that beautiful and, more importantly, really magnificent?

How to discover love and how to use it?

People often misconception the discovery of love. They think that the only form of love there is shows up in the form of another person.

They are both right and wrong. What they are right about is the fact that the romantic type of love is one of the stronger ones and it surely does exist and changes lives.

What they are wrong about is related to their way of understanding love and how it works. Love doesn’t have to be only interpreted by a relationship between a man and a woman. It can be found in all places where affection and dedication are found: hobbies, interests, ideas and even thoughts.

Let me introduce you to three steps that will help you understand what to do with love, how to discover and use it:

    1. Open your mind. To get love, share the love and appreciate it, you have to understand it. You have to think about it every once in a while. Give it a significant position in your life. Gain knowledge of it. You can read our posts in order to find out where love hides and how can you put love first in life.
    2. Open your heart. Once you understand love and the ways it appears in, you will need to gain the courage to open up your heart to let it in, even if it is vulnerable. We are not talking only about opening up to someone after an unsuccessful relationship; we are talking about trying again after not succeeding, facing tough moments that have previously happened too.
    3. Open your hands. Give it out. Love is the only thing in life that is not being divided by giving it away; it is being multiplied. Why? Because you can never give all of the love you have to someone, but you are increasing the number of people that posses it.

You have to remember, once you let love in your life, it will never leave you.You have to remember, once you let love in your life, it will never leave you.You have to remember, once you let love in your life, it will never leave you.

Where can I find love?

Believe it or not, love can be found everywhere. Each thing you do and enjoy, you are gaining love and giving it away too. It may seem strange at first to be giving/receiving love from things and hobbies, but it will make sense to you as soon as you start feeling the happiness.

We will present you just a few of our favorite sources of love, but don’t think that these are the only ones! Out of millions of them, we chose these:

  • Lifestyle

During our regular activities, we get involved in much more love than we think! Regular meet-ups with our friends, watching our favorite TV show, reading a good book, listening to some calming music, etc. are all various types of loves, don’t you think?

We will share advice, ideas, and motivation, as well as storytimes.


  • Food

Once we open our eyes to the world of culinary adventures and start to realize that food has a more prominent role than just providing us with macronutrients and micronutrients, we will soon see that love for food equals a passion for healthy living. Enjoying the tastes of the food you made yourself is one of the best ways to love yourself more too.

Recipes, articles about various ingredients and advice will be shared with you.

  • Romance

One of the most beautiful ways to show love is to hold someone’s hand, kiss someone’s lips and take care of someone’s heart. It is a love that may be more fragile than the others and sometimes needs more dedication, but in the end, it is worth it. Love can indeed be found in another person’s eyes.

We decided to include advice, storytimes, various ideas and positive affirmations into this category.

  • Health

People say the most expensive thing there is in the world is one’s health. Isn’t that true? Our bodies are remarkable, and they can show us of a lack of an internal love called self-love. Find love in yourself because once you do, you will decide to take care of yourself in the best way possible and that’s where we come in.

In this category, we will be sharing advice, affirmations, workouts, ideas to make your body happier, various routines to improve happiness and self-control.

  • Beauty

This one is pretty obvious. Love, as previously said, makes our bodies tingle and our hands warm, and we bet you have felt this in your life. Probably when you saw something you that was mesmerizing, right? Therefore there is no need to explain that we can find love in our relationship with the beauty, both the inner and the outer one, of not only people, but also things.

We will include advice, tips, self-care routines, motivational posts, show you natural ingredients to make you feel more healthy and make you glow.


To conclude…

Love is a magical thing that may work in its strange and unexplainable ways sometimes, but it is an emotion we all need to keep us alive, happy and grateful.
You need to know a bit about it to discover it, and then you can share it (and therefore multiply it). Once you surround yourself with love, your life will change for the better, and this nirvana will last forever.


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