Everyone aspires to be happy. It is just the way it is. Since we were born, we started to live through various moments of life and therefore we began to gain memories.

Memories can be a beautiful thing, but can also be very traumatizing for someone who lived through something very hard.

Speaking of difficult moments, how many of those have you gone through? Sometimes it seems like life is throwing those at us to make us stronger. It tests us so we become better at it.

However, some people have a hard time trying to escape some memories which cause them sorrow… We have all been there at some point in our lives. Those people start to feel sadness daily and it becomes a burden they are taking with them.

Because of this, I decided to share with you the 8 ultimate tips for living a happy life. These are some of the most common solutions to a man’s sadness. Try to apply these in your life and then see if there will be any changes.

1. Put yourself first.

Once you realize that you are the one thing that is consistent with your life, you will see that you need to pay more attention to yourself. Develop yourself: physically and mentally. Do things you love and enjoy life, for it is indeed a playground for happy souls.

2. Stop caring about other people’s opinions.

People will always have stupid and harmful things to say. It doesn’t matter how famous, happy, wealthy, loveable you are: people will find a flaw in you. Why don’t you just zone out when others are spreading bad energy?

3. Make lists.

Lists are one of the best things you can do as an unorganized person who doesn’t seem to make their priorities straight. If you are one of these people, you know how hard it is to balance your work with the things you love. Don’t forget to make life enjoyable. It isn’t all about work.

4. Forgive.

This is sometimes hard to do because we are people and it is in our nature to watch out for ourselves. However, we need to remember that we are all vulnerable sometimes and that we make mistakes. Forgive others, for you will be at peace with yourself.

5. Believe.

Believe in yourself, believe in others, believe in God… You need something to believe in. If you don’t, what will push you to work harder and better? When will you grow? What are your goals and wishes?

6. Try new things. Try again.

If you are someone who seems to fall into a boring routine most of the time, you may consider changing them up a bit. Maybe you could start some new classes or you could get a new hobby. If it doesn’t work out, it is okay; something else will. Don’t forget to try again. There is no such thing as failure; there is only ‘giving up’.

7. Think twice before you do something.

It doesn’t matter are you a person who is usually really talkative and seems to say things that hurt others or you are maybe a person who makes wrong decisions… Think twice. Make a list. Ask someone for advice. You need to reconsider some things in life. Don’t be impulsive.

8. Breathe.

In the rushed up world we live in today, the most significant problem a man has is forgetting to relax. We know you have a lot of chores at work, at home and so on… We know you don’t have a lot of free time, but 15 minutes a day are not a lot and some belly breathing could relax you, so you are calm the next day.

Don’t forget that you are human. You hurt, you cry, you laugh, you smile. It is all okay. Embrace your inner vulnerability.

Magical-love believer. Always dedicated to kindness and sharing smiles....
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