Is there anything more precious to you than the love you give and receive throughout life? Are you aware of it’s healing power and the goodness it brings to your body and mind? These are some of the examples of how magical love can be and how it can help you in your darkest hour….


It can bring you PEACE.


Sometimes peace is hard to acquire. Whether it’s peace of mind, peace in a stormy relationship or friendship at your workplace.

It is hard to fall asleep at night if you feel stressed out, on the urge of breaking down. It is also tough to get up in the morning if you feel troubled and restless. These are the situations where love comes in handy.

You have to calm yourself, find a peaceful place to rest and think of people or things you love. A loving mother will think of her children and joy they bring her, a loving husband will think of his lovely and devoted wife, somebody will think about God, others will think about much simpler things: a good meal or taking a hot bath.

In the end, all of these people will find peace in the magical love they have in life. Because love, no matter how small and irrelevant might seem, brings peace to people’s hearts.

Love is here to keep us moving on!


It can make you feel alive again.


All the things we do on a daily basis can make us feel bored and indifferent to everything.

Life might seem hard with all the repetitions, ups and downs and see the same faces every day.

Letting love in your life and permitting desire to lead the way, can change your view of the world altogether.

Love can make you smile wider and laugh harder than ever – but you must let it.

It can make you feel more alive, more vibrant and energetic and show you how exciting life can be. It can bring you back to life!

You just have to let love rule you, even when you think it’s childish and it seems that people will laugh at you because you’re too romantic or cannot stop talking about your partner – ignore them.

You love, and you are loved – maybe they aren’t so lucky as you.


It can improve your health.


You may not believe this, but it is undoubtedly true: love can help your body heal, just as it can keep you healthy.

When illness comes, there is nothing that we wouldn’t do to get better. Of course, we will reach out to traditional medicine, but we must reach out to our loved ones too – and they must be there for us just like we would be for them.

Do you think a child could get better so quickly if his mother weren’t by his side, kissing child’s warm cheeks while putting a cold compress on the forehead?

Isn’t it odd how an illness gets stronger if the person is left alone in sickness both by family and friends? Especially if the disease is related to some mental illness.

It is proved that a loving and stable relationship can ease your anxiety, help you beat depression and cure your insomnia.

But you have to believe in this for it to work.


Love makes you more human.


This is one of the most significant benefits of any love you know.

Love brings up the best in people; it calms down parents with demanding children; it lifts up lovers during the period of boredom in their relationship; it makes a child feel secure in the arms of his mother.

And that feeling makes the person more in touch with other people, it creates empathy, and all of these people who received “magical love” after that can share the same love with others.

People surrounded by love will be more human than the ones who avoid love and think love is overrated.


It makes you take care of yourself.


And I don’t mean only your looks, but your inner self.

When someone shows you affection and love, you feel more attractive and desirable, so you start taking more care of yourself. You watch out how you dress; you put makeup more often (or shave your beard if you’re a man), go to hairdressers and look yourself in the mirror more often.

That’s because you want to show yourself at your best. Especially if you feel a great connection to your new partner.

Some people even start to exercise, watch their diet, follow the latest fashion: don’t think it’s stupid or that you are insecure. Also if that was true, is it wrong that you now take more care of yourself? It can only be good for you

A lot of lonely people stop taking care of themselves, afraid that love is lost for them and that they will stay alone forever. So they stop taking care of themselves and become “weird” to other people.

But love can turn their lives around! If only they tried harder and believed deeper!

It can help you smile when you’re feeling down.

This part is dedicated to love from the past.

There are some relationships in our past which were so strong that we thought they would be unbreakable. And those links are filled with great memories, loving memories full of laughter and joy.

Although they eventually broke, the loving memories stayed in our hearts. To remind us of precious moments in the past.

Some memories make you smile without you knowing it. The ones that made you cry aren’t half as strong, but there are many cases where people became so focused on bad memories that they erased the good ones.

I often compare love with nature.

They are both magical, one of a kind and beautiful.

They make your life beautiful with their colors and shine, their unpredictability and the way they grow if you nourish them.

Make your love magical! It’s not that hard to do it.

Magical-love believer. Always dedicated to kindness and sharing smiles....
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