Because we are so caught up in the world of beauty and everything that the big companies sell us, we often forget that the biggest source of cosmetics used to be nature. People didn’t manufacture all of these products with special intentions and uses, they used what they could have found at home or nearby.

Forgetting that Mother Nature can supply us with beauty is one of the biggest mistakes there is, and a modern man makes it a lot.

Because of this, I have decided to show you what are mine 5 favorite natural ingredients that improve overall skin health, glow, texture and look. Keep in mind, there are some basic tips that you need to follow first:

  • Drink 2L of water a day.

Moisturized skin is happy skin. This situation can be compared to a broken sink. May sound silly, but hear me out. When a sink is broken (one of its pipes, to be exact) the water keeps getting everywhere and constantly bothers you. What do you do in this situation? While most people mop up the water and hope that the sink will stop leaking, some people actually get their hands a bit dirty and fix it (or call someone to do it). You cannot fix an internal problem with an external solution.

If your skin is dehydrated, there is no product in the world that will make it all healthy and hydrated. Start from the inside and it will manifest on the outside.

Also, do you know that moisturized skin soaks up products much better than dehydrated one does?

  • Keep your routine simple.

I myself am guilty of complicating my routine just because I want to give my skin some extra care, but what you really need to focus on is how complicated your skincare is ingredient-wise. Are you putting a bunch of different products on your skin, perhaps some of them being various acids, alcohol and so on? If you are, you may be making a mistake.

Not caring for your skin can be as bad as over-caring about it. Don’t make your skin suffer from 10 different products at a time.

  • Stick to your new routine for at least a month.

Changing products up can be really harsh on your skin and even sometimes cause a breakout when there wouldn’t be one. The thing is, your skin has to adapt to everything and you need to wait for the new products to reach to the core of your skin. Give them a chance.

Now, let me introduce you to my favorite natural ingredients. These are all cheap, accessible and helped me. Note: always do a patch test on a small portion of your face first! People with sensitive skin especially!

  • Rosehip seed oil

Women with aging skin, patches, discoloration, hyperpigmentation and scars swear by this product. It is high in vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin D and even vitamin B! It served as an anti-aging product all the way back in Egypt!

It also helps with eczema and people who have dehydrated skin claim that it moisturizes! All of these benefits in one product… Who wouldn’t love it? The price varies from $4-$10 dollars, depending on the manufacturer.

  • African black soap

This product has been raved about since many celebrities said that they feature it in their daily routines. It is especially famous for its acne-healing capabilities, but people use it for its benefits such as:

exfoliation, reducing fine lines, treating eczema, evening out the skin tone…

One of the few ingredients are usually coconut oil, shea butter, palm oil, etc. Just watch out: don’t buy those which look pitch black. An original soap should be dark brown with small crunchy pieces in it.

  • Witch hazel

After being talked about by many doctors who rely on the medicine of the earth, witch hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) became famous amongst those who suffer from oil skin and dry patches.

It has been proven to heal skin, scars, acne, moisturize and even helps to get rid of oily skin by balancing out your pH. During the history, it has been used as a treat for poisoning and this proves that it surely is strong.

  • Aloe Vera

This soothing product is the holy grail for those who suffer from dehydrated skin which is also sensitive, but can be used on any skin type. Aloe vera gel is cheap and can be found in almost every drugstore/pharmacy. Here are a few uses for it, besides moisturizing the skin: heals burns, helps with rashes, helps with mosquito and insect bites, recovers skin, helps hair growth, helps teeth, lowers blood pressure…

However, watch out: not all types of aloe vera products are for oral use.

  • Honey

Being the only eatable thing in the world that cannot get spoiled, honey is one of the most powerful antioxidans there is. It is used for numerous things related to health, but for skin health, it is mostly used in face masks which you can make at home.

Combine honey with something cooling (yoghurt, eggwhite) and put in a capsule of vitamin (perhaps vitamin E or activated charcoal) and apply all over your face for a moisturizing feeling.

You will be feeling as brand as new.

Which one of these is your favorite?

Magical-love believer. Always dedicated to kindness and sharing smiles....
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