In the busy world we live in, relaxation becomes a true luxury for an average person. We have a lot of things we have to do and therefore we forget about those that we actually want to do.

Does your day look like the list mentioned below?

  1. Wake up
  2. Eat (optional)
  3. Go to work/school/college
  4. Get home
  5. Eat (most of the days)
  6. Learn/clean/take care of the house/do more work
  7. Sleep

Getting caught up in a routine can be really boring and can also be mentally exhausting. After a while, it’s hard to focus on things you actually like to do since you lose track of them and when you (eventually) go back to them, you have no idea how you once had time for them, since they now seem like a waste of time.

Stress is not unordinary. Everybody is a bit stressed. Young people are stressed about their education and the older ones about their jobs, it’s just the way the things go.

However, once you realize that you are stressed all of the time, you also realize that the daily stress is getting out chunks of your health.

Do you really want to make your body suffer just because you don’t want to wake up 20 minutes earlier in the morning?

I have made a list of 4 things that work wonders when it comes to relaxation and it only takes about 20-30 minutes (some even less) to introduce them into your life daily.

Let’s begin.

  • Meditation.

You have probably heard a lot about this method of relaxation, but you have never thought of it as a thing you could actually do daily. Maybe it seems a bit abstract or weird to you, but it is proved to help.

How to introduce meditation into your life?

First, you have to decide what time in the day will be your “me time”. Waking up 20 minutes earlier, going to sleep 20 minutes later or spending 20 minutes less on your phone are the best options if you are a busy person.

Next, study a bit about it. The internet is a wonderful source for information of all kind and therefore getting into meditation is also a pretty popular topic. Get to know all types of meditation.

If you are a lazy person, or you just don’t have the time, try guided meditations. You can find them on YouTube, various websites and even phone apps.

The last step is the hardest one and it’s to actually meditate. Control your breathing (which should be from the belly) and focus on things you like, your guided meditation or simply do a body scan to relax.

  • Practice belly breathing with music.

Belly breathing is a whole special concept that many people (such as Buddhists) have been trying out for centuries. It is based on a simple logic which seems to work for pretty much everyone.

Here is the basic practice people use to learn belly breathing:

Lie down on your back and put one of your hand on your belly and the other one on your chest. Try to inhale without moving your chest too much (although it should move a bit too) and spread your belly. While exhaling, try to make your belly button reach as close to your spine as you can.

And here is one pro tip: if the hand on your belly is lower than the one on the chest while inhaling, you are not doing it right.

Put on some good music and let the relaxation begin. Belly breathing is great combined with music since you can breathe in a rhythm.

  • Do yoga.

Although yoga may seem hard to some people (and in the beginning, it is a little bit), yoga is one of the best ways there is to relax truly. Moving your body in a way where your breathing correlates with your actions is making your body gain a special rhythm which will make your body calm since there is no distress.

Yoga can be done with and without music, with and without help. Again, the internet can provide you with great yoga classes for free.

  • Do the things you love.

This may seem a bit obvious, but think about it, how many times this week have you been doing something and thought to yourself “Gosh, I love this so much”? Yeah, I thought so.

People mostly make a mistake when they decide that their favorite hobby is too time-consuming and isn’t beneficial to their happiness. You think that the book you are reading is not worth the time, the movie you are seeing is not worth the money and the bracelets you are making are just stupid…

Let me break some news to you.

None of your hobbies are stupid. If you enjoy them, they are something that fulfils you. They are not time-consuming for you are building yourself during them, they are not money-consuming since you are investing in your happiness and they are not stupid, for you enjoy them.

Have you tried these? What do you think of them?

Stay relaxed.

Magical-love believer. Always dedicated to kindness and sharing smiles....
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