The truth may hurt for a while, but lies hurt forever.

Little lies – well, we all sometimes tell little white lies to make our lives more comfortable (which is a lousy excuse but it seems like sometimes you just have to lie not to hurt someone or get hurt), but significant lies, those that can turn someone’s life into a wreck – I cannot tolerate.

This is a list of signs you can spot at people when they lie.

Maybe they aren’t so important for small, every day chatting with friends, colleagues or a partner, but when it comes up to the big stuff, the things which are vital for us, lies can ruin someone’s life.

These are the most common signs for detecting a liar:

▪Watch out for their body language

Liars tend to make themselves appear smaller by putting their heads down, concealing their hands and shrugging their shoulders.

They do this so you won’t be threatened by them and you will believe their lies more easily.

▪Notice their facial expressions

You can sometimes spot a liar instantly, but a lot of good liars had enough practice to become too subtle to be noticed while lying.

Those who aren’t that good tend to blush or become pale, to blink with their eyes or to bite their lips. Some don’t blink at all…

▪ The tone is extra relevant.

A lot of people change their tone of voice while they are lying. Some become quiet, and some lie in a high-pitched voice. Some start to babble and some are to slow.

Nevertheless, if the person doesn’t sound, as usual, you have to wonder why?

Their breathing can also change. Just like women tend to get a high pitch when they talk to someone they like, they can do the same thing when they lie.

▪Liars want to change the subject and turn it into someone else.

They talk about something that happened and suddenly they dissappeared from every part of the story.

There won’t be no “me” or “I” but only “them.” And there will be a lot of “I didn’t” for sure…

▪Liars have a great fake smile.

This is so true! They can smile widely and loudly while telling you the lie, but if you look closer, you will notice that their eyes don’t smile as their lips do.

▪Watch out on which words they use.

Like I said before, there won’t be words such as “me, mine, I” and no “but, except or nor.”

▪Do they avoid eye contact?

It’s entirely reasonable that people look away during a conversation, but if the person avoids your eyes and look elsewhere all the time during the discussion, it isn’t okay.

This means that they cannot confront something and that they are feeling a bit guilty.

▪Do they try to change the topic of the conversation?

If the person tries to avoid the answers by changing the topic every time you open a discussion on something, he/she is hiding something.

The reason why they change the topic co state doesn’t only lie in the fact that they aren’t comfortable with it because they know it isn’t okay to tell lies but also because they are afraid they will accidentally say something that will re-reveal the truth.

▪They are hiding their mobile phone.

Privacy is okay up to a certain level, but if your partner is hiding his/her phone all the time, it can be a sign of lying.

The most straightforward test to do is to ask your partner while you are somewhere out for him or her to borrow their phone for you to take a photo.

If there is no way in the world that they would give you their phones, hmmm, then you should be very suspicious.

▪Stammering isn’t a good sign.

A lot of mumbling, “hmmms” and similar is a sign that the person is overthinking on the answer you are waiting for.

This happens a lot, and it means that the person is trying to come up with the best lie or excuse that he/she can think of in that situation.

▪Changing stories all the time.

The truth is always the same, but lies can change. Liars who aren’t that good at lying will change the story because they will forget how it went or how they wanted to manipulate it.

▪They become defensive.

You haven’t been offensive to them, and you simply ask a question, and they start to justify their actions and put their guard on?

That is a sure sign that they are possibly lying or they are not telling you the whole story.

▪Feet shuffling is also very common.

Liars get nervous when they are being questioned too much so they will either play with their hands or shuffle their feet.

Overall, lying is one of the worst habits you can develop, and while some lies can help, some do the exact opposite.

Don’t get caught up in your lies for it will not end up well. If you don’t like to be lied to, why do you think it’s different for others?

Magical-love believer. Always dedicated to kindness and sharing smiles....
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